Just a few minutes from the heart of Mykonos town


Residence IN and OUT of the cosmopolitan centre as the Aegean Hotel is situated central on the favorable location of Tagoo, ensuring quietness and short access (600 m) to the centre of Mykonos - Chora.

Just a few minutes walk (10-14 min) to Mykonos Centre – Chora, as well to the archaeological museum, taxi station, public bus station and old port. The beautiful sandy beach of Agios Steganos is situated 2,5 km far. The international airport of Mykonos is only 4 km far and the distance to the new port is 2 km.

Many visitors visit Mykonos for entertainment and nightlife, but Mykonos is much more.

Mykonos has a variety of beaches with different styles, such as beaches with white or golden sand, but also beaches with pebbles. Organized beaches and secluded beaches with incomparable natural beauty. The choice belongs exclusively to each visitor, depending on the experiences they want to live during their vacation.

The amazing and imposing architecture of the island of Mykonos has a long history...

Mykonos was once full of castles for protection from pirates. The narrow streets that today make carefree walks and the picturesque cubic houses that contribute to the creation of wonderful images, were created to prevent pirates from looting the cities and protect them from the winds.

The whitewashed walls that today create the perfect backdrop with the blue of the sky and the Aegean functioned as a shield at high temperatures during the summer. That is why every corner of the city of Mykonos has a unique story... If you belong to the category of visitors who want to get to know the real charm of Mykonos and feel this special magic it offers, we are at your disposal to inform you about everything you need to know during your visit to our island.

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